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Identifying the People Guilty of Child Pornography

Either you are a parent or just a concerned person who wants to learn about child crimes, it is a prerogative to know more about child pornography. This particular offense directed towards children is a very complex practice. It may involve several people and liability can be directed not only to those who produce the pornographic material but to anyone who has in one way or another contributed something to it.


If your child is a victim of pornography or if you know someone who has been a victim, knowing the different types of pornography offenders is vital in court. The purpose of this is to let you know that there are more people liable to the crime than what you thought at first.


1.   Producer/source – this is the person responsible for the production of the material. He is the root of the crime since the abuse starts from him. After producing pornographic stuff containing children, he either uses it for personal sexual desire or for the aim of making a profit out of it. Either way, he is and will always be guilty of child pornography.


2.   Intimidator/Coercer – intimidators are those who initiate actual physical contact with the victim. They are the ones who force, deceive, entice, or instill fear to the child in order to become part of a pornographic material. Among all the types of offenders, they’re probably the most talented at their trade. If you are a parent of a young child or teen, you better keep an eye on strangers your child encounters since they might just well be coercers. What’s very troubling about an intimidator is the fact that he’s got very good convincing abilities and might even make a teen or young child fall in love.


3.   Distributor – distributors serve as the medium of transfer among those involved in the crime. They are tasked to advertise, sell, give, pass on, upload, download, and transport the pornographic material to clients. They are not necessarily pedophiles nor do they have to desire children as sexual objects. Their goal is primarily about money and not the use of the material.


4.   Users, Pedophiles, Child Sex Offenders, Predators, Sexual Perverts, etc. – Lastly, this group comprises the demand. Without them, the issue of child pornography would not have been born. Thus, they can be considered as the guiltiest of them all. A lot of experts would agree that a person who fetishes a child for sex is someone who’s either emotionally or mentally disturbed.


For most of the cases, child sex offenders admit of having experienced sexual molestation or abuse themselves while they were young. Others are victims of domestic conflict and separation. But no matter how painful their past experience was, it can never justify, mitigate, or exempt a crime that’s directed towards children, whom we consider as the softest, weakest, and most vulnerable group in society.


Victims of child pornography usually get the longest traumatic experience. Not only were they subjected to abuse and exploitation, the images or videos produced out of it will continue to haunt them even when they grow old. Because of the convenient communication brought about by the internet, it is very easy these days to possess and keep pornographic material without even worrying about being caught. After all, possessing is as easy as concealing it. The bottom line is a child who becomes a victim of pornography should be guided wisely by parents and therapists in order to heal the wounds and trauma. Isolated convictions are not enough. The most important thing is to actually stop the crime from the source. It is of no use if authorities don’t find a way to curb this alarming problem. In order to secure our children from harm, there should be stricter laws and implementation against child pornography and without it, pedophiles and offenders shall continue to establish their trade confidently.

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