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Child Prostitution: Consequence and Prevention

Get Help NowAre You Trapped in Prostitution?

What to do if you are trapped in child prostitution:

  • Make up your mind to leave. We know from research and anecdotal evidence that the vast majority of prostitutes do not want to be doing what they are doing. Leaving can be difficult and even dangerous, but...


The most glaring and painful effect of child trafficking and prostitution to children is the trauma. They may escape and get over the physical and mental abuse during the exploitation, but the trauma produced is a lifetime burden. But this does not mean physical abuse can be tolerated. In fact, younger victims can even die from the severe physical and sexual abuse done to them. Additionally, most prostitutes who started at such a young age are either drug or alcohol addicted. Worst is, a lot of them incur and contract sexually transmitted diseases without them even realizing it.


Efforts towards Prevention

Obviously, there are certain programs where you can take your children and teens to in order to be educated further on child trafficking and prostitution. But it does not mean that you place all the effort to those programs. As a parent, keeping your child or teen out of harm’s way is not a prerogative, but a responsibility.QuotationAs a parent, keeping your child or teen out of harm’s way is not a prerogative, but a responsibility.Quotation


As said above, the most common cause is children running away from home. In order to avoid this, you first need to ensure a comfortable living environment and establish a good and healthy relationship with your kids. By spending significant time with them, you have control over everything. You get to know them and dig deep even at their most hideous personalities. In this way, you know what the weakness of your children is and you’ll find a way to offset this weakness. Furthermore, help them build self confidence and sufficient knowledge since these two qualities are very important for them when corresponding with other people, especially strangers. In the end, always remind your children that you’re there to help them and keep them away from any dangers posed by society in general.







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