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How Is a Child/Teen Drawn to Prostitution?

PreventionChild/Teen Prostitution: What Are the Risk Factors?
Child trafficking mostly deals with various abuses and exploitation carried out by adults towards children. It is a process of luring, deceiving, and recruiting minors, with or without free will, into potential harm and danger of hard labor, slavery, and prostitution. While many of the victims, in fact, are from poor and underdeveloped nations, there are still a significant number of them here on American soil.   For nations where child trafficking is a lucrative business, children are not limited to providing one...

It is troubling to realize that American children are also very prone to exploitation and abuse. Being drawn to prostitution for instance is very prevalent in many states. The strongest factors are poverty, drugs and alcohol, domestic and family problems, as well as bad company. The criminals who make profit out of it employ methods that have been proven to be effective enough in eluding authorities and are also very effective in luring and deceiving potential victims to come in.


In typical American culture, teens become independent from their parents earlier than most other countries. This means that by reaching the age of 13 or 14, they start to leave home and spend most of their time with friends and acquaintances. But the problem is, they always bring with them the vulnerability and weaknesses against bad aspects of society like drugs, alcohol, conflict, and prostitution. That is why children and teens that ran away from their homes are likely to become subjects of prostitution.


The usual scenario begins when your teenage girl runs away because of problems in the home. In order to escape this emotional ordeal, she turns to outside people like friends whom she can spend time with without thinking of the domestic problem. She then meets someone significantly older than her and eventually becomes his girlfriend. He provides everything for her, makes her happy, and shows her a fun time like a typical American teen wants. Part of that fun now is introducing her to the world of vice – alcohol and drugs. As she starts to long for them, she is forced to beg for it from her boyfriend. And in order to get it, she needs to do some favors in return. That’s where the business of prostitution begins. QuotationThat’s where the business of prostitution begins. Quotation


Because children and teens are the softest groups in society, they become a very easy and profitable commodity for traffickers. As the teen begins to trust and love the older boyfriend, she does not realize that she has been trapped and lured by a pimp. The guy begins to contact clients for sex service. For a few months, the teenage runaway regrets what she’s gotten into. But by now she cannot return home because she hs probably been shipped to another state to work as a prostitute. After years in the trade, she has now accepted her fate and went on to live with it.

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