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Pray for wisdom and guidance in raising children

Samson’s parents had to pray for guidance in raising their special son (Judges 13:8), and today’s generation, like Samson, has a special purpose in the Kingdom of God. Naturally, the devil and his demons are going to do everything in their power to ruin our children’s lives. This goes beyond molestation and includes sexualizing our youth through mass media entertainment. As parents and overseer’s of the next generation, we must ask for the Lord’s help in going about raising our kids in today’s dark world.


Pray for pastors and teachers to be alert and responsible

As long as church leadership is alert and vigilant when it comes to child sexual abuse, it will be difficult for an abuser to get to any child. Also, pray that when an abuser if found within their ranks, that church leaders will do the righteous and responsible thing and report the crime to the authorities. If an offender is kicked out of a church, he will simply move on to the next one.


Pray for law enforcement that deal with sex crimes

The men and women who deal with sex crimes see horrific things day in and day out. Pray for their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. Pray that they will receive empowerment and blessings from God for the sake of the children at risk. Keep in mind that the only thing that stops most offenders is getting arrested. Thank the Lord for the authorities. Remember that He Himself has placed them where they are, for the good of all people ( Romans 13:1-7)


Pray for lawmakers to continually improve laws

The Lord commands us to pray for those in power (1 Timothy 2:2) Our nation’s lawmakers are the ones charged with keeping our society protected by law. Because of changing technology and the resourcefulness of criminals, new laws have to be created continually. Pray for our congress and senate to be blessed with wisdom and strength to improve our laws to better protect children and punish offenders.


Pray for those victimized within the church to keep their faith

It is a sad fact that many boys and girls who are sexually victimized within the church end up walking away from their faith in Jesus. Intercede for these victims, that the Lord may keep them from falling away. Also, pray fervently for those who have already turned away. Pray for the Good Shepherd to find His lost sheep.


Pray for victims to find healing, in addition to counseling

Counseling is a wonderful thing, and we should certainly pray for all counselors of sexual abuse victims. Keep in mind, though, that counseling is a path to healing, it is not the healing in and of itself. Pray for crisis counselors and victim counselors to be filled with the words of the Counselor, the Holy Spirit of Christ. Most of all, pray for victims to find the gentle healer, who wants to wipe away every tear.


Pray for school teachers and counselors to be alert

Many times, parents are simply unaware of what is happening to their child. School teachers and counselors spend a great deal of time working with youth, and so have opportunities to notice the warning signs of abuse or bullying. They are also in an excellent position to contact authorities when it’s warranted. Pray for their vigilance and for their compassion toward children that are hurt and in need of help.


Pray for teenagers facing sexual pressure

Every day, our youth are bombarded with sexual messages through billboards, web videos, movies, music, books, magazines, music videos, etc. It’s no surprise that our children are becoming so sexualized at a young age. The message is that one’s value and happiness can be found in sex. Pray for teens and their parents to break free of the overwhelming influence of popular media


Pray for youth suffering from cyber bullying and bullying

Bullying is no longer restricted to the school campus, but has spread to the online world where it is so much more difficult for victims to escape. We’re all familiar with the many sad stories in news headlines, and recent statistics show how common this abuse is. It’s time for us to hit our knees and intercede. Pray against suicide, against depression, against denial from parents and school faculty. Pray for the bullies to realize what they are doing and stop.


Pray for youth that victimize other youth

Many younger children are sexually abused by older teens, and instances of date rape are unsettlingly common. Clearly, teens have always been interested in the idea of sex, but in recent years statistics have shown an increase in the amount of malicious cases of child sexual abuse by other minors. Pray for teens that constantly face peer pressure to sexually victimize other children. Pray for them to resist temptation that they are fed through popular media.


Pray for churches to stop hiding and shuffling around offenders

Many Christians don’t like to talk about this part. Once you start talking to multiple people who have been victimized within the church, it becomes startlingly clear how common it is for a church to simply fire and send away an offender when he or she is discovered. Or worse, the offender gives an apology and church leadership decides not to prosecute and to keep the offender within the church body. Pray that the church realizes that forgiveness does not equal a removal of consequences.


Yes, even pray for the adult perpetrators

This is one of the most difficult prayers to pray, especially for those who have been victimized. It is in cases like this where the words of Jesus ring in our ears with new clarity. “ Love your enemy” Child rapists and molesters are huge enemies to the faith and strength of the future church. What is the best way to love this enemy? They must be stopped in order to truly be helped, and many convicted offenders have admitted that the only thing to stop them was jail. Pray that all perpetrators will be stopped, face justice and that they will truly find Christ.




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