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The burden of Child Refuge  was put on the heart of the founders, Grant and Nikki Carroll in the fall of 2007. After watching a documentary on the makeup of cults , Nikki was researching the topic more. She's not sure what actually brought her to Ricky Rodriguez’s story and she certainly had no idea how much it would change the course of their lives.

Richard “Ricky” Peter Rodriguez, born David Moses Zerby, was the son of Karen Zerby, the companion of David Berg , the founder of a sadistic cult called the Children of God (also referred to as The Family) . The cult, now know as Family International sprung up during the “Jesus Movement” of the 1960s and came with a twisted message of salvation. It was a sexually charged and abusive movement that believed that children were made to have sex and believed in the early sexualization of its children. 


From birth Ricky was brought up to be the prime blueprint to this sick way of child rearing. His first sexual experience was with his own mother when he was less than 2 years old. His years of innocents were filled with routine raped by several adults.  His abuse was chronicled; pictures and all, in a book entitled the Story of Davidito.


When he was older he broke away from the cult, married and tried to rebuild his life, but the memories and rage never left. In 2005, he found one of his childhood caretakers and stabbed her to death. He then drove off only to take his own life by gun shot.


Nikki was brought to uncontrollable tears and had so many questions for God. How could this happen to a baby? Did he ever really have a chance to know You? How can there be such sickness in the world that would rape a child of not only his innocents by his relationship with his Savior? It was then she realized that her tears were for her older brother who was molested as a child in her church by a Sunday School teacher. Her brother's faith and the faith of the 3 other boys the Sunday School teacher molested was left in pieces. The man is in jail, but her brother was being held in a mental jail of guilt and shame.


Then, she heard the still small voice of the Holy Spirit simple say “What are you going to do about it”.


That is when the burden was formed and they prayed to join the fight.The amounts of sexual propaganda fed to our children and teens daily is astounding from television and magazines to the Internet. Young girls are told that they are nothing unless they are sexually active. Young men are told their value lies in how many woman they have slept with. Pedophilia is on the rise with groups actually advocating its legalities.  Our children are becoming sexual charged and aggressive. Oral sex is equated to a kiss. We no longer have to look to Africa to find child trafficking. It has now moved next door and most don’t even realize.


It is our goal at  to do everything in our power to help end this epidemic. We pray you join us in the fight to stop the assault on our children's innocents. We seek to empower the youth to change, to educate parents and children most at risk and to spread the Gospel of Christ. He is the light of the world and He will bring light to the darkness that is covering our future.


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