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What if someone I know was abused by his parent/s? Help him. The best thing to do is advice him to talk to a mandated reporter or a trusted adult. He can go to his teacher or a guidance counselor to confer his experience. A mandated reporter meanwhile can go to authorities to report the said abuse.
What should be done when a minor friend confessed of being sexually abused? First of all, thank him for showing trust to you. There are only a few victims of exploitation that carry the guts of telling others of the experience. Whatever the story is, do not judge. What you need to do is just listen and let his emotions flow. The most important thing a victim needs on this part is someone who is willing to listen. After which, you can advice him to seek a therapist or a professional who can help him face the trauma.
What happens if a child is abused in her own home? Child abuse is a criminal offense and parents are not exempted for the culpability. When a child is abused inside the home, he will be sent to social services and parents are given a certain period to eliminate the abuse but if there is no improvement, a petition for the termination of parental rights can be filed by the proper authorities in order for the child to be eligible for adoption.
Lately, my kid started to scream and cry almost every night when I leave him in his bedroom. But if I am there beside him, he stops. There is a sudden change of behavior and Im afraid hes been exploited or abuse. Is it a sign? Not necessarily. Kids especially those 6 years and below are particularly afraid when they dont see their parents as if youre gone for good when they dont see you. But this isnt an immediate sign that hes been abused by someone. If you think so though, observe if he has new habits and if he begins to fear other people. If he does, then you might want to talk to him about it.
My neighbors kid complained about being bullied online. How can I assure my own child will not be a victim of online child bullying? Cyber-bullying is kind of hard to stop when your child is already a victim since most of the time they also resort to the same act as a form of retaliation. So prevention is still the best weapon. Be forthright and go tell your kid about it. Inform him about the consequences of bullying and the ways in order to avoid it. There should be complete understanding on his part that retaliating when bullied is not really the practical way to stop it.
What is child pornography? Federal law defines child pornography as the visual depiction using different forms of media of any sexually explicit content and conduct involving a child or minor. Those guilty of the crime include individuals who took part in the production and distribution of the content as well as anyone who has possession of it.
I accidentally downloaded and viewed child pornographic material. What should I do? All forms of child pornography are made illegally and having willfully possessed it entails the same guilt. So if you have in possession child pornographic material, call or go to your nearest law enforcement office and surrender the material as it may be utilized as physical evidence.
What should I do if my kid or someone I know is a victim of sexual exploitation and abuse? If your child has confessed, then its proper to take him to a medical expert to know if there are physical injuries. If you think he has been abused but hides it from you, you may want to talk to him first and know the story before rushing for help from other people. And if sexual exploitation is confirmed, the next step should be going to the proper authority to report the offense and then proceed on giving your child much needed therapy or counseling to combat the traumatic experience.
What is the proper way of treating a victim of child abuse? Treatment of child abuse victims involves several complex processes that seek to provide the child a new start in his life. First, the child must relocate in a safe place away from the offenders custody or reach. Protective custody is of chief importance. Counseling not only for the victim but for the offender as well follows. Stress and excessive trauma should be eliminated through therapy. Lastly, police evaluation proceeds by filing necessary charges against the offender and if involves psychological disorder, intense treatment is needed.
Who are more prone to child molestation, girls or boys? There is a slight difference when it comes to the percentage of sexual abuse based on gender. Girls account for 52% while boys are close at 48%.


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